Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coach Your Marriage to More Affection: The Importance of Hello's and Goodbye's

What does your marriage want? What does it need?

If your answer is more affection, then consider the quality of your hello's and goodbyes. Did you know it is Biblical to greet each other with a kiss?

I Peter 5:14 - Greet one another with a kiss of love...

Really? Cool!

While Peter's instruction was to the entire family of believers, followers of Christ, it is a good reminder to greet and say goodbye with a clear demonstration of affection to the loved ones living in our homes.

Jill chose our devotional reading this morning, "Hello's and Goodbye's" from the awesome couple's devotional book, "Quiet Times with the One You Love" (Art Hunt, Multnomah Publishers). His testimony about intentionality in greetings related to his wife's confrontation that absence of a hug and a kiss when he came and went was communicating "unintended indifference" Ouch!

What does it say when the one you love greets you at the door with a warm hug and kiss and words of gratitude or affection? Reflect a moment on what such greetings and goodbyes convey to your heart and to your soul.

Does your marriage need more affection? Consider the option of intentionally warm and affectionate greetings and goodbyes.

Here's a hug and a kiss!


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