Monday, March 8, 2010

Essential Skills to Strengthen and Protect Your Marriage

Marriage Coaching I is a user-friendly tele-class for couples wanting to strengthen and protect their own marriage and/or to begin the training process to help other couples. Get in on the next opportunity, beginning March 18! For more details, click here

- Four tele-classes accessible by phone or Skype
- Class manual delivered by email (pdf file)
- Four scripted dates that previous couples have loved
- Four Peer couple sessions to share and learn with other couples

What you'll learn:
- the heart and skill of effective listening: How to hold his/her heart
- the heart and skill of effective asking: How to open his/her heart
- the heart and skill of effective goal-setting: How to honor desires of the heart
- supporting growth and change: Essential relational support and encouragement

From the very first lesson we continue to gain simple but profound relationship skills. The principles are so easily applied...In our own relationship, we have been able to immediately use each of the learned skills with encouraging results. Historically our relationship has been stormy (but)...after implementing techniques as you have taught and demonstrated, we finally have hope of a more peaceful approach to conflict resolution...we are finding that if we drop back into our old patterns the discussions quickly heat up, but as we catch ourselves and begin to apply our new skills conversations promptly calm and become more productive. Again, this is simple, but so profound. Thank you. Dan and Doris, Colorado

If you are local to the Greater Washington, D.C. area, check out this live half-day seminar, March 20, presented by Seneca Creek Community Church, in partnership with Grace and Truth (us), click here to register.

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